Review of Blush Lingerie: Meet Your New Go-To Lingerie Set

Disclosure: The products reviewed were gifted.

Blush lingerie has been on my radar for some time now when I discovered the brand during research for the blog. Based in Canada and family owned, this small lingerie brand is known for its elevated basics and sheer mesh styles. I was recently surprised with the brand’s Weekday set for my birthday. I have never been gifted lingerie before so I was quite excited to see what someone chose for me as I’m pretty particular about my lingerie. Well, when I opened the box to find the Weekday Longline Bralette ($28) and Weekday High Rise Bikini ($16) inside, I immediately had to try it on. I fell in love with how comfortable and elegant the set feels and it’s bound to become my new go-to lingerie set to wear daily.

Appearance and Feel
go-to lingerie set

Right off the bat, I love the black sheer mesh as it feels lightweight and cool against my skin. I’ve become a big fan of sheer mesh in lingerie as it’s really easy to wear throughout the whole day into the nighttime. The bralette is quite sheer which I think adds a layer of sexiness that I really think balances well with the sporty look of the bra. The Weekday longline bralette is a high-necked style which I would’ve never chosen for myself because I was afraid the style wouldn’t look the most flattering with my boob shape. But I really enjoy how the high necked, longer bodice style creates clean lines and accentuates my natural shape.

The Weekday high rise bikini feels stretchy but also will sit snug on your hips. I like the trendy high-rise look and these definitely look more cheekier than normal bikini styles. The little detail of the black threading going down the middle of the bikini style adds visual interest and breaks up the monotony of the sheerness.

go-to lingerie set

The Weekday longline bralette fits true to my size which is medium. Since it’s a completely sheer bralette, it’s definitely a lower support style, but as a 34B I feel comfortable wearing it. Because the style is high-necked, it uplifts my boobs a bit more than the usual triangle bralettes I wear. With the Weekday bralette, I can wear it all day under loose sweatshirts and feel like I’m not really wearing anything. Yet the style is cut so that it lays tight across the chest and keeps my boobs secure. I want to have fun with the high-necked detail as it’s a unique piece for my collection that has lots of potential for lingerie as outerwear styling.

The Weekday high-rise bikini is also comfortable to wear throughout the day, as it doesn’t dig in too much. I’m not a fan of too tight panty lines, so this style is lightweight enough that I can wear and not really feel it. Since it is a high-rise style, I expected it to sit pretty high on my hips and stay there but sometimes the band would roll over and drop down a little. Not really a big deal, but it made the style feel more like a traditional bikini fit and not a super high-rise fit.

Final Thoughts

The Weekday set from Blush Lingerie is the collection staple that I can turn to if I need a simple yet sexy set to wear during the day. The high-necked, high-rise fit of the set offers more support than I anticipated so no complaints there! I really love the elegant line detail down the front of the two pieces as it creates this seamless effect that subtly puts the set apart from other sheer styles I own. The Weekday set is the perfect go-to lingerie set for transitioning from day to night as it’s lightweight and sporty for the on the go activities but sensual enough that to wind down with at night.

Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried Blush Lingerie and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

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