4 2021 Lingerie Trends to Shop for Under $100

Lingerie is undergoing a very fun shift towards the bold and the colorful. Last year saw the shift towards comfort and back to basics with lingerie, but 2021 is posed to become the year of statement-making and dressing up. If you’ve been wanting to infuse your underwear drawer with a little more life, then look no further than these four 2021 lingerie trends that will provide fresh options for having a little fun with your lingerie collection.

1. Longline Lace

What I love about longline bras is that they are incredibly versatile. Because of the length, these bra types are perfect for styling lingerie as outerwear. The intricate detailing of lacy longline bras create statement-making looks that you can easily dress up or down.

2. Bright Basics

For the longest time I never prioritized buying lingerie basics because they usually came in neutrals which I found boring. But now more than ever, you can find vibrant, comfortable lingerie to fulfill your colorful needs.

3. Playful Patterns

Calling all retro, kitschy lovers out there for this trend that sees patterns making a mark on lingerie. Big, splashy patterns create a sense of playfulness that helps to bring more light to this year and our personal style.

4. Cottagecore Florals

Cottagecore continues to hold strong into 2021 as the prairie fantasy of our dreams that takes us out of the day to day hum of being home. Expect this trend to bring dainty florals and pastels into your lingerie choices as a way of keeping the fantasy alive.

The 2021 lingerie trends feel optimistic and like a breath of fresh air. Whether it’s ultra bright hot pink or delicate country florals, there are limitless opportunities for each of these four trends to match your personal style. Let your lingerie drawer create those moments of dressing up we all miss with new, playful patterns and colors.

You can read more about 2021 lingerie trends here!

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