The 10 Best Independent Lingerie Brands to Shop Right Now

The lingerie industry is growing more than ever. There are the big name brands trying to carve their space next to their competitors, the fast-fashion companies that you need to sift through constantly to find what’s truly worth buying, the luxury lingerie brands who are at the top of everyone’s wish lists, and then there are the independent lingerie brands run by individuals or small teams, designing and hand making one of a kind lingerie.

Instagram is my favorite place to find independent lingerie brands because social media is now an instrumental part of the lingerie community, as independent brands use it to keep their followers updated on new collections and what’s currently in the works. I love browsing through the accounts of indie lingerie designers who allow people to get a glimpse into their creative process and how their customers wear and style their custom lingerie.

Down below are the 10 best independent lingerie brands to support and shop from right now.

Queen of suburbia

Queen of Suburbia is a Canadian lingerie brand dedicated to a zero-waste policy that results in beautiful, made to last lingerie in unique patterns and signature styles. This is a go-to brand for lingerie that you can wear during your day to day life because the designs are that comfortable and supportive. They carry a mix of sheer nudes, bright colors, and unique patterns in styles that you can customize to your exact measurements for the perfect fit. On the website, you can even purchase bra patterns to make your very own lingerie at home!

Solstice Intimates

Solstice Intimates is here to satisfy all your 70s kitsch, 60s mod, AND dark witchy selves with custom lingerie made in Arizona. An inclusive and sustainable brand, Solstice Intimates strives to create lingerie for those who felt they were born in the wrong decade, who prefer vintage over modern, and anyone who wants to add a little adventure to their lingerie collection. The bold, 70s patterns Solstice uses was the first to catch my eye, but it didn’t take too long to fall in love with each of their themed lingerie collections full of wunderlust, excitement, and the ability to transport you to somwhere else, somewhere magical.

Flash you and Me

Flash You and Me is a Latvia-based, family-owned lingerie company, creating vibrant and comfortable lingerie for you to enjoy solo or to share with a partner as they carry a mens line too. Sheer, strappy lingerie is on-trend right now, and Flash You and Me brings vibrant colors and mix and match options to the table that will satisfy all your lingerie (and bedroom) needs. They carry a range of affordable to pricier options, with simple sheer mesh and lace options to luxurious kimonos and 3-piece sets in colors like statement-making teal, seen above. If you’re looking for intricately structured, but still comfortable and slightly sporty lingerie, Flash You and Me has your back.

ColieCo Lingerie

ColieCo Lingerie is a Portuguese ethically-made, sustainable lingerie brand that has something for everyone. Whether it’s sporty mesh, everyday basics, or silky florals, ColieCo really has created a space for finding a range of lingerie pieces that have been created with love by a small, talented team. ColieCo Lingerie pays attention to the little details, which is why I really love the criss-cross details on their strappy sets and the starry patterns chosen for the MIDNIGHT collection because having statement lingerie in your collection makes it all the more special knowing extra attention and care was given to your purchase.

Angela Friedman

Angela Friedman lingerie is England-based and comes from theatrical roots, as designer Angela Friedman was the head of the Ladies’ Department of the New York City Ballet costume shop, reflected in the luxurious drama of her 100% silk creations that features gorgeous embroidery. Friedman’s lingerie designs draw inspiration from vintage fashion and are ethically made in her atelier. Her floral embroidery and lace options are seriously decadent, making her brand a show-stopping wonder to behold.

Lethe Intimates

Lethe Intimates is a European lingerie brand, each piece handcrafted by designer Carolina. I love this brand because it satisfies my love for slinky, intricately strappy lingerie that incorporates interesting cut-outs and overlapping layers with sheer mesh that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Each piece has the ability to be adjusted to your comfort, allowing the piece to last through size fluctuations and comfort tastes. The brand also sells bondage and chain metal accessories to add a bit of edge to your lingerie.


IHUOMA is a black-owned, UK-based luxury lingerie brand that recently launched their Divine Feminine collection inspired by the symbol of the Egyptian Ankh, darker nudes, and the sensuality of being a modern goddess. Designed by a mother and daughter team, IHUOMA is crafted with the intention that its lingerie last generations, meant to be passed down to the next so they may wear and reinvent its meaning for themselves. The sultry browns, golds, and oranges of the collection, coupled with the intricate embroidery makes any IHUOMA piece extra special and a true standout for your lingerie collection.

Posie lingerie

Posie Lingerie is an independent UK-based brand meant for those who love to make a statement, live a free-spirited life, and want quality lingerie that will last them through all their adventures. Right now, they have three collections, Attacus, Metamorphosis, and Noctuidae that include sumptuous velvets, beaded embroidery, and sexy sheer pieces. Posie lingerie would make great layering pieces on-top of your outerwear. I love how different and selective their materials are, and how the dark, fall colors would be perfect lingerie for the colder months of the year.

taryn winter lingerie

Taryn Winters Lingerie is New York based, specializing in custom, elegant lingerie. The designer comes from a background in ballet, lending her knowledge of movement and comfort to her designs. With this brand, you can see her inspirations in the lingerie she creates that seems to perfectly mold to the body and move with the wearer. Her designs range from full-length sheer robes to beaded sets that are sure to be worn for the most special occasions.

Empress mimi lingerie

Empress Mimi is London-based independent lingerie brand that specializes in subscription boxes so that every month you get the gift of gorgeous lingerie delivered to your front door. Every month, the theme chooses, but what stays the same is the brand’s commitment to comfort as they only offer wire-free styles. The first box starts at $44 and includes a luxury lingerie set and a piece of artwork along with information on how to care for your new lingerie. I think this brand would make the perfect gift for anyone wanting a change for their lingerie drawer and it’s exciting not knowing what you’re going to get each month until it arrives.

Supporting independent lingerie brands means so many things; it’s better for the environment, as the pieces you buy will last much longer and adhere to sustainable practices, operating at a smaller level means the lingerie is much more unique and more likely to be one of a kind or limited edition, and you are contributing to the lingerie community of designers bringing their passion to life with the lingerie you bring into your collection. Let me know in the comments what indie lingerie brands you love to support!

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