How to Create a Personalized Lingerie Budget for 2021

2020 is finally behind us; a year no one saw coming with such challenges that would effectively change our definition of “normal”. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so many financial situations and priorities shifted overnight. A lot more people stayed home than ever before, forcing our relationships with clothing and lingerie to adjust as well. For some, this meant leaning into the maximalist approach and dressing up each day in their favorite luxury lingerie to get the most out of the experience where their focus could settle on the feeling of quality undergarments against their skin. Others tumbled right into lounging in their softest, supportive intimates that held them together day after day in a comfy embrace. And for me, it awakened my love for lingerie, as I realized the mix of personal expression, transformation, and self-love I applied to fashion could translate just as easily with lingerie. Following the lingerie community for the past year revealed how the word itself has been reshaped to fit a more accepting, open, and inclusive world. Lingerie is a conduit for self expression and confidence, boundless creativity, and connection to so many who feel exactly the same about what’s underneath their clothing.

As we move into 2021, the standard new year’s resolutions will follow, but this year I want to try something different. I want to hold myself accountable and commit to a lingerie budget so that my intimates collection can grow sustainably and with the future in mind. I love finding small lingerie brands to support (and I found so many good ones this year!) and am starting to eye a few luxury lingerie brands to add to the collection. So I thought I would share how I am going to create a personalized lingerie budget for 2021 as a current student in hopes that this could help anyone else wanting to dip their toes into buying luxury lingerie or purchasing more mindfully.

1. Clean out YOUR Underwear Drawer

I am definitely guilty of holding onto old pairs of underwear that either still fit but are so worn from years of washing or they kinda don’t fit anymore but I still love the pattern or style. Well this year, I am officially spring cleaning the hell out of my lingerie drawer and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit and/or is well-loved enough that it’s time to retire it. By cleaning out my lingerie drawer, I also get to take stock of exactly what and how much I currently own so I can start to plan what I have space for in my lingerie collection.


This next step is a natural continuation of the first, but for me it helps to actively understand what I am missing or would want to add to my collection so I can start to set goals that will focus my lingerie purchases and prevent impulse buying. For 2021, my lingerie goals are to shop small and support my favorite lingerie businesses as well as replenish my comfier, fuller coverage section of the lingerie collection. These two goals will provide a filter for when I am interested or ready to make a purchase because then I won’t get overwhelmed with wanting to look at all the lingerie brands all at once.


When I think sales, automatically Black Friday and Christmas comes to mind as well as the other minor holiday sales that brands like to advertise. But with these particular sale times, big brands spend all year getting ready for to market like crazy to create as much traffic and revenue as possible. With lingerie, the best sales happen in January and July, according to Cora Harrington’s In Intimate Detail, so with this in mind, I know that these two months are exactly when I should have my eye on my favorite lingerie brands. With small businesses, they usually opt out of sales completely or will sometimes host sample sales once in a while.

4. Make a list of your favorite lingerie brands

Making lists is one of my favorite ways of organizing and planning, so creating a list of my favorite lingerie brands makes it easy to understand where to start looking. I am constantly discovering new lingerie brands, big and small, so having a place where all their names and details can be kept saves time as well. Another thing that could potentially add even more power to the list is making a small note of why you like the brand, what you possibly already own from them, and what their price point is.

5. PLAN ahead for lingerie to fit into your overall budget

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to spending money on lingerie. Some devote their personal spending to expanding their lingerie collection and some will save lingerie for when they want to treat themselves. Taking stock of your overall monthly budget first is extremely helpful in understanding where lingerie purchases can fit into it all so that you don’t run the risk of making a purchase that you can’t afford in the future. With smaller businesses, they create higher quality, handmade items so their prices will naturally reflect that, so I know that if I plan a purchase from a small brand I need to make sure I have enough room in my budget to justify the purchase later. Planning ahead financially for lingerie also allows you to mindfully consider how often it’ll be worn, how long you want it to last, and that you are choosing a design that you truly love. With luxury lingerie, the average set can go upwards of $200 or $500, making the purchase all the more special because it has been planned out thoughtfully and eagerly anticipated.

lingerie budget for 2021

I want to emphasize that this personalized lingerie budget is not a one size fits all plan that you have to follow each step to a T. The purpose behind it is is to share the steps I’m taking to be a more mindful buyer the year as well as grow my lingerie collection with items I will love for years to come from brands that I want to support. I hope that sharing my personal thought process can help anyone in the same boat as me or anyone wanting to revamp their lingerie wardrobe without spending lots of money. Leave a comment about what your lingerie goals are for 2021 and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

Happy New Year’s with lots of love! – Megan

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