Luxury Lingerie Review: Dora Larson

Disclaimer: The products reviewed were bought by myself

When I first saw Dora Larson’s Meghan collection, launched last summer, I knew it was The One. I’m an avid follower of the British luxury lingerie brand, known for its creative colorways and signature styles. As a Megan, I immediately became obsessed with owning a matching set that shared my name, and so I got to saving

Several months later, I became the proud owner of my first luxury lingerie set. I originally planned on purchasing the balconette style as I loved the full lace coverage, but it quickly sold out of my size. So instead, I got the Meghan Underwire Bra ($79) and Meghan Seamless Knicker ($45), which I’m thrilled I ended up doing! 

Down below are my honest thoughts on the set and my experience as a first-time luxury lingerie buyer! 

Dora Larson review

Per the brand’s site, the Meghan colorway combines “oxblood, mustard and dusty rose.” In-person, the underwire bra and thong matched the colors of the website’s photos perfectly. The brand’s decision to display multiple skin tones wearing the set made it much easier to see how it would look on my medium/light skin tone. 

The delicate lace over the stretch tulle is my favorite part of the set because of the seamless layered effect. The floral lace gives me slight vintage vibes, and I love how the fringe edges create a tattooed-on-the-skin look. The tulle cups feel soft and stretchy, making it a comfortable bra to wear with thinner shirts. 

The colors are a little out of my comfort zone, as I never thought to choose yellow lingerie, even if the pinks temper it. But the golden accents work so well with the deep fuchsia and pale pink, reminding me of the classic sunset colors I grew up with in Texas. 


The bra’s angular cut is extremely flattering, giving a defined, rounded shape I like. I’m always worried when buying lingerie online that it won’t be a perfect fit, so I would recommend going with your standard size or measuring yourself for an accurate fit. 

I was pleasantly surprised that the underwire bra perfectly sat flush on my chest. The band was undoubtedly snug but not uncomfortably tight. I’m glad I got the underwire style instead of the balconette, as the lightweight fit makes it easier to wear for long periods.

With the thong, I wish I bought the high-waisted style instead. The thong sits low on the hips, with an elastic band that does squeeze a bit. A higher waisted style would’ve fit more comfortably and flattering on my body shape. But the thong is a seamless style and sits flat, with no weird bunching at the back. 

Final Thoughts
Dora Larson review

Without a doubt, I made the right choice with the Meghan set from Dora Larson. The gorgeous, rich pinks and golden accents pop so well together. I don’t own anything like it, so it’s become an immediate standout in my collection. I am happy with the quality and fit of the underwire bra and thong for the price. Both are comfortable enough to wear under a t-shirt and jeans or something dressier as you barely notice wearing the set. 

Going forward, as I slowly grow my luxury lingerie collection, I want to pay attention more to fit. Because of my original purchase, I know underwire and high-waisted is probably the best duo for me right now.

Dora Larson is pushing the envelope with color, creating classic styles in pastels and jewel tones that take your breath away. I can’t wait to incorporate my own Dora Larson set into my daily life, where I can wear sweats all day and yet feel luxurious right beneath them.

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