Review of Coco’s Retro Closet GRETA Garter Belt

Disclosure: The products reviewed were bought by myself.

When I sat down to find the perfect garter belt for myself in September, I was overwhelmed by the options available. I came across garter belts with four to twelve straps in so many different materials and styles, I knew I had to narrow my selection if I was going to find the right fit for me. I read all the garter belt reviews and “best of” lists I could find until I landed on Esty Lingerie’s “13 Modern Brands Making Vintage-Style Lingerie” article that introduced me to Coco’s Retro Closet.

Coco’s Retro Closet is run by one woman, Goga, based in Croatia who specializes in custom, hand-made vintage style suspenders as well as full lingerie sets. For my first garter belt purchase, I wanted to invest in a quality piece that would last me a long time, so choosing a retro style over a modern one meant more straps than the standard four for extra stability and I liked the classic, timeless look. Of course, once I visited Coco’s Retro Closet and saw how many styles and options she had, I was faced with another question of exactly what material and shape I wanted for myself. I personally love to have many options to choose from so you have flexibility in tailoring the look you’re going for, so I enjoyed getting to familiarize myself with the range of vintage-inspired pieces Goga offered.

I chose the GRETA 6-strap garter belt in black sheer mesh because I wanted the underwear I chose to show through and soft mesh is a stretchy material that will conform comfortably to my body throughout any weight fluctuations. The base price for the garter belt was $46 and with shipping the total came out to $58, which was right around my price range because I knew that I wanted to splurge a little for a piece I was intending to keep in my collection long-term.

Appearance and Feel
garter belt reviews

The GRETA suspender looks exactly like the picture presented on the website. The black mesh is sheer and breathable, and I like that it’s sleek enough where I could pair it with a modern high cut thong and it looks just as modern along with it. The straps are also pretty soft and really stretchy, which I was afraid to test at first but then I lengthened them to the longest they could go and they indeed held strong when I attached them to stockings. I love how it’s made in the retro style, with thicker straps and arched edges trimmed in black with a little bow at the front and is a simple style that can be paired with so many other sheer intimates.


I was amazed at how stretchy and flexible the waistband and material was. I was prepared to not feel the most comfortable in a suspender, but I could wear the GRETA suspender all day underneath a dress or skirt and not feel super constricted. The hook and eye closure at the back is a thick 3 hook type which makes me feel extra secure when I put it on. The material is so lightweight too, that it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing anything other than my underwear. The waistband gives me that classic hourglass look as the GRETA garter belt accentuates my curves nicely.

Final Thoughts
garter belt reviews

With the GRETA garter belt from Coco’s Retro Closet, I know that it will become a staple piece in my lingerie collection that I can throughout the day or for special occasions with several pieces of lingerie I already own. The simple black sheer mesh is elegant yet impactful because it allows for the shape of whatever underwear I’m wearing to also show through and I really like that effect. It’s a versatile, comfortable style that I can move around in really easily, which was important to me as I wanted a piece that I could wear for more than a couple of minutes. I am so impressed by how stretchy the garter belt is all around from the waistband to the body of the belt, as well as the construction of it that makes it so durable and flexible. It is my first handmade piece of lingerie and I love that purchasing it means it’s a sustainable choice for the environment and it supports a woman owned small business! I can’t wait to get more wear out of the GRETA garter belt once it’s safer to go out as I know that I’ll be supported and extra comfortable whenever I put it on.

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