How to Not Be Intimidated By The Lingerie as Outwear Trend

Do you wish that really striking, sexy lingerie you have saved for special nights or that lacy bodysuit that shows off all the curves could be put to more use? But you have no idea how you could pull off wearing something so inherently seductive on the outside of your clothes for all to see in a stylish way that suggests “Oh I just happened to have this lying around and knew exactly the right styling recipe to follow”? Thankfully for all us lingerie lovers, there’s no ignoring that a major trend in fashion right now has opened up a whole world of possibilities with styling our lingerie as outerwear.

Down below are some answers and inspiration that explore how to make lingerie look effortless and stylish with pieces you already own that are appropriate for any place or occasion you want to get dressed up for.

Start with Bodysuits

Bodysuits are a huge trend themselves that is going to stick around for a long time considering how versatile the style is. They are super easy to wear on their own as a top, or as an extra layer of flair over a plain shirt. Look for with fun details to show off like underwire cups, a strappy back, lace all over, there are countless options. Depending on the occasion you are dressing for, bodysuits work well with jeans, tailored pants, blazers, cropped jackets, and heels for an extra oomph.

ingerie as outerwear
Photo credit: Harpers Bazaar
Add a sheer

A sheer top can reveal as much or as little as you want of the bra or bralette underneath. Matching the color of your bra to the color of a sheer top allows for a subtle peek of the bra’s shape or any strappy detailing. This style is super feminine and fun, with lots of room to decide how bold you want to look. Bonus points if the sheer top has a pattern to it or the bra is a different color that pops against the top for a statement making outfit.

lingerie as outerwear
Photo credit: Refinery29
Try Reverse layering

Wearing your bra or bralette on top of your clothing is on the more daring end of the lingerie as outerwear spectrum but when done right, it looks chic and sexy. Choose a thin top to layer underneath to avoid too much bulky bunching. Think turtlenecks, cotton t-shirts, silky button downs that will be comfortable and breathable. Pick a bra or bralette that has a fun pattern or detail you really love and position it on top. The layering can stop there as the styling can be on full display or a jacket/blazer can be thrown on top of everything to diffuse the effect. Wear this look with confidence, knowing you look like someone in full control of their sartorial image and who has great taste in their personal lingerie.

lingerie as outerwear
Photo credit: Who What Wear
When in doubt, wear a slip

Slip dresses are your new cheat sheet to the lingerie as outerwear trend, because they can be wore on their own with sandals and you can call it a day. Or you can layer it over a t-shirt or blouse, throw on a jean jacket with some low heels and you’ve officially unlocked an outfit recipe you can rinse and repeat however many times you want. There’s an inherent sexiness to the silkiness of these 90s dresses, but also a sophistication that’s perfect for adding a little fanciness to an outfit.

lingerie as outerwear
Photo credit: Refinery29

No matter if you’re dipping your toes or diving straight into trying out lingerie as outerwear, there’s a look, subtle to bold, here for anyone wanting to break out their loveliest lingerie to show off to the world for a fun twist on daily outfits.

Comment down below where your thoughts on the lingerie as outerwear trend fall and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!

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