I Found the Best Cotton Underwear Brands So You Don’t Have To

I’m going to be honest, I thought I would never like cotton underwear and that I would live a life of exclusively wearing lacy or sheer thongs. But recently, all I’ve been wanting to wear is my softest pair of cotton underwear with the daintiest ruffly trim I bought from the Gap years ago. I know I can always turn to my reliable collection of cotton underwear when I want to feel the cool, thin material against my skin, keeping me snug and comfy throughout the day. So I set out on a search to find the best cotton thongs, briefs, high-waisted pair, you name it, that currently exist so that you don’t have to!


Aerie will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first place I went to buy my first bra. For years, the brand was my go-to for underwear because they regularly host bundle deals and always have a wide selection of cotton basics and fancier pairs that are still really comfortable to wear daily. My favorite style from the brand are the hybrid lace and cotton options that are so pretty and just slightly more fancy than your cotton basic so it makes it extra fun to choose your underwear of the day.

Aerie Cotton String Thong Underwear, $$8.95, available at aerie.com, Aerie Ribbed Logo Thong Underwear, $8.95, available at aerie.com, Aerie Ribbed Boybrief Underwear, $8.95, available at aerie.com, Aerie Waffle Boybrief Underwear, $8.95, available at aerie.com


I found ARQ on Instagram because of their famous checkered print high waisted undies that convinced me that yes I do need more checkered print in my life, especially in the form of super soft cotton undies. High waisted and super flattering, ARQ’s underwear is 92%, 8% spandex (try to choose underwear with a high ratio of cotton to other materials because of it’s moisture wicking abilities). They come in a multitude of bold and neutral solid colors so you can find the perfect option for you.

High-Rise Undies, $28, available shoparq.com

Only Hearts

Hello to the thinnest, daintiest cotton undies! Only Hearts makes breathable cotton undies that are perfect for warm summer days. Because they are relatively pretty thin, you could even get away with wearing them as seamless underwear so you can have the best of both worlds when choosing to wear all kinds of bottoms. They come in trendy styles like the super high-cut brief or the more retro high waisted brief so you can build a mini collection of different cuts for different moods and outfits.

ORGANIC COTTON HIGH CUT BRIEF, $35, available at onlyhearts.com, ORGANIC COTTON HIGH WAIST BRIEF, $35, available at onlyhearts.com, ORGANIC COTTON FRENCH BIKINI, $35, available at onlyhearts.com


The cotton underwear of Entireworld feels nostalgic. It’s what I imagine the It girls of the 90s wearing under their wide legged jeans and baby tees because the ribbed texture coupled with the classic bikini cut just screams effortless. The cut is flattering and the material stretchy, ensuring that you won’t have to think twice about throwing them on because you know you’ll look good while not having to deal with too tight seams digging in or a suffocating material.

Organic Cotton Bikini Brief, $15, available at entireworld.com


I officially found the best women’s boxer brief underwear. The cut models the classic boxer brief with cute faux buttons down the middle. The coverage is full enough where you could easily wear these as lounge or pajama shorts aka they have so many functions to get use out of. Per the reviews, the underwear can run a little small, so you might consider sizing up for a more relaxed fit.

Women’s Boxer Brief, $26, available at richer-poorer.com


Thirdlove’s cotton hipster has one of the widest size ranges for underwear, making it a favorite of many who have a hard time finding comfortable, cute underwear in their size. Offering moderate coverage with a seamless finish, this pair will provide solid support in a super soft cotton blend that is sure to carry you through the day.

best cotton underwear

Pima Cotton Hipster, $12, available at thirdlove.com


Kim Kardashian’s lingerie/loungewear brand that is a cult favorite for a reason with celebrities and the masses alike, with sculpting silhouettes that are comfortable as ever. The high waist, high cut of the brief style is definitely trendy while also very flattering and curve hugging. Because they’re ribbed, this makes the pair even more lounge worthy than your normal cotton brief.

best cotton underwear

COTTON RIB BRIEF, $28, available at skims.com

Cotton underwear is the reliable basic, the loungewear jem of lingerie, the pair that will never let you down. These undies holds so many functions, to hold, to support, to allow breathability, to make your butt look good. When I’m in the mood to feel light and airy, snug yet seamless, cotton underwear is my go-to and I found 7 brands that offer the best variety of styles to pick from for every mood. Leave a comment down below what your opinions are on cotton underwear and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

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