Lingerie Brand Spotlight: MeUndies

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Now that I’ve been spending most of my time at home, parked in front of my laptop, my default comfy lingerie is no doubt from MeUndies. I was first introduced to the brand two years ago by a friend of mine, when I coincidently started falling in love with the world of lingerie. The first bralette I got from MeUndies, I’m actually wearing right now as I type this!

I wanted to do a lingerie brand spotlight as I just bought my fourth pair of MeUndies and thought I would share my thoughts on why I love their underwear so much and why you should too.

The Brand’s Origins

Founded in 2011, MeUndies is a subscription based underwear and loungewear brand. The basis of the brand is to offer “The World’s Most Comfortable Underwear for Men and Women” under sustainable practices and a consumer friendly e-commerce experience.

Odds are you’ve seen or heard an ad from MeUndies. What stands out about a MeUndies ad is their dedication to showing a wide range of body types, skin tones, and even couples for their matching sets. I love when I can recognize someone who looks like me in a lingerie ad because for so long, there was only one type of look that was featured.

What is Meundies made of

The Modal fabric that makes each of its products so ridiculously soft is made from beechwood trees, making it an eco-friendly option that is shrink resistant and doesn’t fade in the wash.

Each style of underwear and bra/bralette are offered in 3 color options: Classic, Bold, and Adventurous. MeUndies are known for their themed print drops that range anywhere from Baby Yoda to Bees to Bicycles. Since last year, the brand has expanded its bralette options and added a few lace styles to their collections.

The prices for their lingerie options average from $18 to $32 and their loungewear ranges from $36 to $88. The membership decreases that price, but once you sign up, you choose to either skip the month or get charged for a pair of underwear .

An option the brand offers I haven’t seen anywhere else is you can customize a matching set with whoever you want! It’s a unique gift option that makes buying lingerie a fun activity rather than a stressful one.

If you’ve been looking for ultra comfy underwear that is forgiving, yet offered in fun colors and prints, then MeUndies is your next underwear go-to. Every week you can expect new prints to drop too, so you’re bound to find the look you want.

Leave a comment down below if you’ve tried MeUndies before!

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