Savage X Fenty Review: Puff Daisy Xtra VIP Box

Rihanna’s lingerie brand Savage x Fenty offers a VIP membership where you can get exclusive discounts, access to limited edition lingerie, and the ability to gain $50 credit every month. I’ve been a member for about a year now, and there are pros and cons of course. The biggest drawbacks are remembering to skip the month if you don’t want to get charged $50, and that the discounts aren’t as good as when you first purchase from the brand. But you get exclusive access to the Xtra VIP boxes dropped each month, where limited edition lingerie sets are handpicked by Rihanna herself.

Last month, the Puff Daisy Xtra VIP Box dropped into my email box and my dreams of spring came true. I’ve never bought a complete VIP box from Savage X Fenty before, as they are on the pricier end of things. The Puff Daisy box was marketed as four items for only $58, so compared to how other lingerie brands sell a single bra for that price, you are getting more quantity for the higher price. Included in the drop is the Puff Daisy Unlined Bra, Puff Daisy String Bikini, Puff Daisy Garter, Icing on the Cake Thigh High Stockings, all of which are sold out now. I still wanted to review the items to give an idea of what to expect in terms of quality and fit if you’re thinking of purchasing from Savage x Fenty’s VIP collection.

Savage x Fenty review

Down below is my Savage x Fenty review of the Puff Daisy VIP Box.


The four-piece Puff Daisy set features the perfect minty green shade that gives off a retro vibe that the daisy motif pairs well with. The unlined bra, string bikini, and garter all share the same daisy pattern over sheer green, creating this dainty effect that I can’t get enough of. The rose gold hardware offers a luxurious contrast to the pastels, and the little bows top it all off.

The thigh high stockings come with a band of daisies at the top and the mint green is a bit more opaque than sheer, but I ended up loving the stockings more than I expected. They complete the set as the literal icing on the cake, because the continuation of the mint green creates a whole lingerie MOMENT.


I got a medium in the garter belt and bikini, M/L in the stockings and a 34B in the bra. With the bras at Savage x Fenty, I’ve talked about the uneven fit before, but I didn’t have issues with the any of the fits. The garter belt and bikini are made out of super stretchy mesh and elastic which made both comfortable to wear. Each piece fit true to size and I would recommend going with your usual tried and true size when buying bottoms and accessories from Savage x Fenty. With the bras, you might want to size up to a sister size for a comfier fit.

Final Thoughts

I was thoroughly impressed with the four-piece Puff Daisy set as it’s my favorite collection from Savage x Fenty yet. The set, with dainty florals and fresh pastels makes you feel like you’re draped in spring itself. There’s a slight 70’s flower power vibe to it and it’s indicative of where the brand is heading for their 2021 lingerie drops. I think as Savage x Fenty continues to grow, they’ll get bolder with their designs and this set was a taste of that to come. I’m glad that I bought the entire Xtra VIP Box, because I knew that the set fit my style and it felt really unique to the brand. Getting first access to these drops though doesn’t fully justify maintaining a membership with the brand, as you still can buy the box after it gets widely released.

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