The Ultimate 2020 Lingerie Gift Guide for Every Budget

Lingerie might seem like the riskiest gift to give an S.O. or best friend, because everyone has opinions on what they like to wear under their clothes based on so many factors, it becomes overwhelming. But due to the resurgence in lingerie interest over the past couple of years, the options have never been this wide-ranging before from sizing to inventive new styles. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, best friend or even yourself, this comprehensive lingerie gift guide ranging from the subtly sexy to full-on comfy will ensure whoever receives the gift, they’ll know it was chosen with care and thoughtfulness.

Sheer Sets

If they like to feel sexy without sacrificing comfort, choose a sheer set to take away one less layer while still keeping them supported. Sheer sets are fun, because there are so many patterns and cuts to choose from, that you can take it as simple or as bold with your gift as you wish.

Undie Packs

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, because underwear bundles are perfect for those with evolving styles and they’ll never run out of options to pick from. Depending on their stylistic directions, choose a bundle deal from a brands like Aerie that are perfect for securing everyday staples or Parade, a brand that loves a good theme and who’s recent collection even comes with free tarot cards.

Lacy Classics

Lace lingerie has cycled in and out of style for decades, and in 2020/2021, it’s here to stay. Whether you’re shopping for a vintage lover or femme fatale type, lace is a classic style with something for everyone. Matching lace sets look particularly sophisticated and feel extra special no matter when they’re worn.

comfy Cotton

As the weather gets colder, the cozy loungewear gets broken out and who wouldn’t want equally cozy new underwear to pair it with? Cotton underwear will always be a timeless closet staple because everyone needs breathable, well-fitting, soft intimates and one can never have enough.

Silky Smooth

Silky lingerie is the ultimate luxurious gift, because while it exudes a made for the bedroom quality, it’s perfect for both minimalist dressers or bold satorialists who want a little extra something to their intimates. Buying this for your desired recipient is sure to give them a confidence boost while feeling very luxe.

Holiday gift giving is a source of equal parts stress and excitement as we all race to find that one perfect gift for that special person, be it a romantic partner or beloved best friend. But lingerie is your answer to all the questions and uncertainties because there is something for everyone whether its a silky, slinky set or a cotton bralette and bikini combo. This holiday season, show how much you know and care for your person with the essential gift of lingerie they won’t want to stop wearing.

Let me know in the comments if you’re planning to buy anyone lingerie this season and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

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