In Intimate Detail Is Your Next Must-Read for All Things Lingerie

For five years straight, I wore the wrong bra size and had no idea the kind of stockings that should be worn with a garter belt. Eventually, I found my correct size, and four months ago, I finally purchased In Intimate Detail, the extensive guide to the world of lingerie, written by The Lingerie Addict founder Cora Harrington, and the answers to all my lingerie woes were revealed within its pages.

First of all, for only $25.99, this book is a luxurious experience physically and visually. It’s hard-bound, with a smooth, almost suede-like finish, with a little black ribbon to keep track of your reading progress. The illustrations by Sandy Wirt make this book a gorgeous piece of art cover to cover. On her Instagram post celebrating the two year anniversary of the book’s launch, Harrington explained her decision to include illustrations was “so you can focus on the pieces…not on the model,” and that’s exactly what’s like to open her book and take in the intricate watercolor works that bring the prettiest lingerie to life.

In Intimate Detail

The forward is written by the queen of lingerie herself; Dita Von Teese, who shares her expert perspective on the different relationships she has with her lingerie and how each is equally important.

The book is organized into chapters of what every lingerie beginner needs to know about such as bras, underwear, hosiery, shape wear, and loungewear. Each chapter includes the types of each category and how to narrow down what best fits your preferences, as Harrington makes sure to reiterate that she’s offering advice, not concrete rules. One of my favorite parts of each chapter is the bit of fashion history Harrington imparts on the reader. As a fashion student, understanding the origins and evolution of fashion makes me more knowledgeable and skilled in recognizing the influences behind the pieces I buy and/or style. Same goes for lingerie. Those new to the world of intimates can read In Intimate Detail and come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the lingerie they purchase.

I do wish that garter belts had gotten their own chapter, as they’re included in the Hosiery chapter, but with only one page on the topic. Owning a 3-piece set is one of the biggest lingerie purchases to consider, and garter belts come in so many shapes and styles that more information would’ve been appreciated on the topic. The last two chapters delve in-depth into how to shop and care for lingerie respectively, two very relevant sections that I always return to whenever I buy lingerie. Online shopping has become the only way I’ve been able to purchase for the last 9 months, making this book one of the best investments for my closet and wallet.

In Intimate Detail is for everyone who owns lingerie and everyone who wants to make sure the lingerie they’re buying is worth it. Harrington imparted all of her years of expertise and fairy godmother wisdom into one handy lingerie guide that will never let you down. Let me know in the comments if you’ve read In Intimate Detail before!

You can purchase the book here.

In Intimate Detail

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