Intimately Is Your New Go-To for Fashionable Adaptive Lingerie

Emma Butler, the founder of Intimately, understands the lingerie industry is lacking in providing people with disabilities with fashionable adaptive lingerie. There are major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Target, and Zappos who have released adaptive fashion collections, but lingerie was never part of them. Until 2 years ago, when Butler set out on a mission to create an underwear brand that gave women with disabilities beautiful, adaptive lingerie they could feel confident and sexy in.

In the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent data, 61 million adults live with a disability and 1 in 4 women have a disability. Butler’s mom has fibromyalgia and expressed her frustration with the lack of options she had in finding practical lingerie that was also attractive. And so Intimately the blog was born to gather resources for finding quality adaptive apparel. Fast forward to last summer when Butler raised $20,000 via Kickstarter after she spent two years gathering feedback and testimonies from disabled women to create Intimately the brand.

Adaptive Lingerie
Photo Credit: Intimately

This fall, Butler has released her own affordable collection of adaptive intimates designed for all women from those in a wheelchair or who are an amputee. The collection offers 3 bra types with front closures in sleek color ways. The lace thongs and briefs have side opening and closures to help wheelchair users not have to navigate leg openings and for assisted dressers to have more comfortable solutions. The styles are made of soft cotton, and the lace adds an extra bit of oomph. The collection also offers period undies to allow for those with disabilities to not have to worry about changing a tampon or pad during the day, and has layers of absorbent fabrics and side closures for guaranteed long-wear.

Intimately is a necessary lingerie brand for women with disabilities who are sick and tired of settling for ugly, impractical underwear and know they are deserving of sexy, beautiful underwear that’s comfortable and functional . Head over to the Intimately website to check out the adaptive lingerie collection and read more about brand’s journey here.

Adaptive Lingerie
Photo Credit: Intimately

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