The Summer of Lingerie Editorial: White Hot in Savage x Fenty

The Summer of Lingerie series continues with the next editorial “White Hot in Savage x Fenty”, that encompasses how summer will always bring out the daring in us.

When I first sat down to figure out what I wanted a summery lingerie photoshoot to look like, I thought of how the arrival of summer used to bring dual feelings of freedom and anxiety about baring my body for all to see.

As a midsize woman, I’ve experienced my fair share of summers where I never took off my coverup or shirt before going into the pool or only wore jeans because I didn’t think my body type would be accepted.

As I’ve gotten older, my relationship with my body has gotten better as I’ve come to accept it during all of its stages. Lingerie will always be one of the driving forces behind loving every inch of my body, when I finally started wearing bras that fit my size and branching out into brands that made choosing undergarments exciting.

The purpose behind the lingerie editorial suddenly became clear; it would stand as a celebration of my body after a long, hard year of changes. I wanted to shoot in a natural landscape to emphasize how our bodies are an extension of the world around us. The lingerie I would wear carried the purpose of extenuating and highlighting how I finally feel comfortable in my own skin.

This editorial is for anyone who wants to unabashedly be themselves, whether that’s encased in bold lingerie or cozy on the couch, and knows they are 100% worthy of it.


Photographer: Lauren Parsons

Model and Stylist: Megan Garcia

Bodysuit: Savage x Fenty Bombshell Broderie (size M)

white hot in savage x fenty
white hot in savage x fenty
white hot in savage x fenty
white hot in savage x fenty
white hot in savage x fenty
white hot in savage x fenty

Coming August 20th is the last editorial of The Summer of Lingerie Series!

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