Review of Miss Vivienne’s Festive Ginger Set

Disclaimer: The products reviewed were either bought by myself or gifted by a friend

I’ve been following Scottish brand Miss Vivienne Lingerie for over a year now and even interviewed her for the blog! The designer has taken the lingerie community by storm on social media with her luxury handmade designs that continually sell out every shop opening.

Last year, Miss Vivienne launched the Ginger collection for the holidays, made from a 3-D floral tulle in embroidered blues and greens. It quickly became part of the permanent collection as an instant hit. Even better, she offers bespoke options so you can get the perfect fit and styles you prefer.

I fell in love with the dark decadence of the festive Ginger range and planned to purchase the full set in the new year. My best friend wound up surprising me with the Ginger Balcony Bra ($90.98) for my birthday in January, and once I found out, I bought the Ginger High Waist Thong ($38.78) to complete the set.

Down below are my overall thoughts and experience with Miss Vivienne Lingerie! 

Appearance and Feel

When I opened my package containing the Ginger set, my jaw dropped. The texture and fine details of the embroidered tulle, as well as the vibrancy of the color and metallic accents, blew me away. The 3-D red flowers pop against the black mesh and match perfectly with the red scalloped edges. 

Both the balcony bra and thong feel sturdy and quality-made, as the straps are not super stretchy but stay in place throughout the day without slipping off. The elastic black mesh band is soft and flexible. 

I’m in awe of each piece’s little details, making the set a lingerie standout. The double strap on the bra and gold hardware create exciting lines and extra support. However, my favorite and most flattering detail is the thong’s high-waisted double straps, accentuating my hour-glass shape. And the thong’s intricate strappy back completes the whole look. The level of detail shows the care and attention put into making luxury lingerie.


Each strap on the balcony bra and thong is entirely adjustable. I’m a huge fan of lingerie that allows you to customize the fit, ensuring your lingerie will last a lot longer. 

I chose my standard size of 34B for the bra, and it fits perfectly. I don’t experience any spillage with the cups or 3-hook band, and I feel secure in the balcony bra. My breast shape is top-heavy, and I’ve found that balconette bras offer the most support. I suggest with Miss Vivienne bras and underwear to set the adjustment level to the widest it can go, so you can tighten if needed. When I first tried on the bra, the straps felt pretty tight and made it tricky to fit my arms through. But once I adjusted the straps, it was smooth sailing from there. 

The same goes for the thong, which I got in a medium. I made sure to loosen the straps before trying them on. The thong creates the most flattering shape I’ve found for my body type. The double straps stay high-waisted no matter what and cinch my waist without digging in. The crotch is wide enough to provide a fair bit of coverage down there, which I’ve found isn’t always the case with thongs. Miss Vivienne’s thongs are known for being very comfortable, and I can attest that it’s true! 

Final Thoughts

The Ginger set from Miss Vivienne is my first and certainly not my last from the designer! It’s hands down my favorite lingerie in my collection due to the impeccable fit and one-of-a-kind quality. 

The attention to detail in the design and the gorgeous embroidered tulle fabric make the Ginger range a luxurious experience. Whenever I try on the set, it’s like an instant confidence booster. I love how I look in the Ginger bra and thong, as the teal and red pop against my features, and it shows off my shape so well! 

Right now, Miss Vivienne is in high demand, so if you’ve been eyeing a Ginger set, or any Miss V set for yourself, get your notifications in order and prepare to fall more in love with lingerie! 

Comment down below if you’re a fellow fan of Miss Vivienne lingerie, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

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