3 Exciting Things to Know About Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show

Clear your calendars lingerie lovers because on October 2 Rihanna’s annual Savage x Fenty intimates show is returning to Amazon for free and it’s exactly the moment of high drama, luxurious escapism we all need right now. Ever since Rihanna launched her lingerie subscription based brand Savage x Fenty two years ago, the artist turned designer has delivered bold, yet comfortable styles for a low price point. 2019 marked her first fashion show for the brand that rewrote the formula for how to stage such a statement making event (ahem looking at you Victoria’s Secret).

Here’s 3 things you need to know before this year’s show graces our screens.

1. vol. 2 will Premiere via live stream for everyone

Last year, the invite only 40 minute show comprised of multi-medium performances showing off the newly dropped intimates collection and just how talented Rihanna’s friends are. But the show didn’t officially air worldwide until September 20. Well this year, we won’t have to wait to see the show until after it happened because the entire thing–plus BTS footage–can be live streamed on Amazon Prime Video the day of. Yes that’s right, everyone watching will have a coveted front row seat to this celebration of lingerie and confidence right in the comfort of our beds wearing our mismatched pajamas.

2. The Fall/Winter ’21 collection will drop the same day

The woman who keeps on giving, Rihanna, in partnership with Amazon of course, is dropping the newest fall collection the same day on the brand’s site savagex.com and on Amazon Fashion. Styles typically go for $7 to $50 and range everywhere from bra and underwear basics to matching lingerie sets that have their own accessories. In a recent press release, Rihanna hinted customers could expect ““unexpected pairings and surprising new styles” from the upcoming launch. If you want the best deals on the collection though, the brand’s Xtra VIP membership offers up to 25% discounts and the choice to skip each month if it’s not in your budget.

3. Expect to see models who look just like you

One the most important details about the Savage x Fenty shows is that diversity in sizes, body type, skin ton, gender, and abilities is really and truly present. Lingerie is for everyone to love and should be available to whoever wishes to adorn their body with beautiful intimate pieces which the brand totally gets. Big names like Gigi Hadid and Laverne Cox, Barbie Ferrara were present and even a pregnant Slick Woods who gave birth right after walking down the catwalk. It’s inspiring to see all the groups of people who have been told lingerie isn’t for them represented fully and proudly, knowing they look damn good on the stage.

The excitement buzzing around Savage x Fenty’s return to our screens is infectious as this year has paused many of our favorite fashion events. The great quality about lingerie lies with its adaptability–there will always be a need for intimates that make you feel super confident no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

To find more about the show click the link here.

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